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Dr. Sonja, a 21-year war hero, is an absolute trip threat, and she is about to break your brain for any lady out there who wants to learn how to speak, coach, write books, or just change your life in general. Buckle your passenger seat belt and let Dr. Sonja drive you to the infinite power of success."
- Myron Golden

Creating Success In Every Area Of Your Life Begins With A Single Step In The Right Direction...

From becoming a highly decorated combat veteran with a 21-year military career to raising a family and building a thriving business, my journey has been far from ordinary…
Each step…
Every challenge…
And all the setbacks have been building blocks toward creating something extraordinary.
These experiences haven’t just shaped me…
They’ve been the very catalyst for my 8-figure empire.
In the military, I learned discipline, leadership, and resilience. These skills proved invaluable in the world of business.
As a mother, I mastered the art of multitasking and nurturing growth, not just in my children…
…but in every venture I undertook.
These roles, often seen as separate worlds, have intertwined.
They’ve given me a unique perspective and an unshakeable drive.
And although I’ve been able to create something most ever only dream of…
My journey hasn’t been without its hardships.
I’ve faced moments of deep adversity, from navigating a challenging divorce to rebuilding my life from the ground up.
But it’s in these moments of struggle that I discovered my true strength and purpose.
These trials ignited a passion in me.
A passion to empower others, especially women like you, to find their voice and claim their power.
Today, as the CEO of an 8-figure empire…
I stand as a testament to the power of resilience and the infinite potential within each of us.
I’ve turned personal challenges into professional strengths.
And now, in my new book, I’m here to guide you in doing the same.
Throughout these pages, I share not just strategies for success…
But life lessons that go from the battlefield the boardroom.
Together, we’ll unlock your potential and pave the way for a future filled with success and fulfillment.

Only $39.95 (Free Shipping and Handling)

This Book Will Help You Transform Your Toughest Battles into Strength, Power, & Profit

Structured into seven POWERFUL chapters,
this book takes you on a journey through:

Only $39.95 (Free Shipping and Handling)

Why This Book?

My life is a testament to the infinite desire to win. From surviving a nasty divorce to going through financial ruin…

I’ve emerged stronger from every setback and used my experiences to fuel my purpose.
My story is a roadmap for any woman who wants to transform her life and step into the POWERFUL women she was born to be.
Every chapter is full of practical advice, inspiring stories, and the wisdom you need to navigate your own journey.
It’s about using your personal battles to change the world and build a career that lasts a lifetime.

Only $39.95 (Free Shipping and Handling)

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Join The Journey To Infinite Success...

This book is an invitation. An invitation to join me on a life-changing journey.
A journey where lessons from the battlefield light up a path to triumph in the boardroom and beyond.
It’s for every woman who believes that her past challenges are the keys to her future victories.

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