Almost all of Dr. Sonja’s speaker sessions are based around the “how to” mentally Win in life, career, relationships or business. At the end of her presentations attendees have “take aways” they can apply to their current situation immediately. As a speaker she empowers them to

  1. Take massive action

  2. Be determined

  3. Be disciplined

  4. Embrace the process

  5. Lastly, Be Accountable

She is highly aware of what is needed to impact, empower and motivate people to take responsibility of the own life.

Keynote Speaking Topics

Topic #1

Build Your Legacy: 5 Secrets to Launching a 7-Figure Speaking & Coaching Business in 90 Days.  

Description: Receive the insider secrets on how to give your story a voice and a bank account. Sharing how the top 2% of Speakers generate 6-Figures or higher.

Topic #2

Passion to Profit Covid Proof Your Finances: The #1 Game Plan to Build a Successful Business From Your Kitchen Table

Description: Receive the insider secrets on how to create wealth from your Kitchen Table by leveraging your time, life experience and knowledge.

Topic #3

Tomorrow’s Empowered Woman 5 Steps to Dominate in Life and Business

Deep dive on how you can shift the trajectory of your life by applying the 5 simple steps. These steps will help transform you and your mindset to live your best life.

Topic #4

There’s NO Elevator to Success You Must Take the Stairs! 7 Steps to Scaling a Business with One Message on Multiple Platforms

1. The step-by-step process to scaling your business with one message on multiple platforms as a speaker.

2.  The strategies that lead to the breakthrough required to monetize your content even if you are just getting started

3. How to position yourself as a Revenue Champion

Topic #5

Produce a P3 Life (Power, Prestige & Profits)

Dr. Sonja shares the Blueprint to how to have it all-a P3 Life & Lifestyle. (Power, Prestige and profits in 2022).  

The 3 Takeaways are 

1. The Blueprint for success (How she turned her Pain into Power and how she built a $3.5M company during the Pandemic working from her kitchen table and how she and her clients aren’t just winning but dominating in the marketplace. 

2.  Understanding and respecting the Art of Sales and Persuasion 

3. The Secret formula to conquering FEAR

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Dr. Sonja Stribling is the Founder of the Born to Be Powerful Academy, a company that empowers the masses to not just Win but Dominate ! Dr. Sonja is a Transformation Specialist, Influence Expert known as the General to Giants and Best-Selling Author of The Divorce That Saved My Life.  She is a business coach and keynote speaker based in Atlanta, GA. This 21-year African american female Army Retired Major, recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, National Speaker for the Think & Grow Rich- The Legacy World Tour, and former TV Host on Bravo Network, who now uses this training and experience to lead thousands to their victory by using their inner POWER to ascend to their Next Level in life and business.